Veillette Guitars handcrafted in Woodstock, NY
Acoustic Nylon-string
6 and 7-string and Baritone

In many ways, our Nylon-string Acoustic guitars represent a return to Joe's deepest guitarmaking roots — the first instrument to bear the Veillette name was a nylon-string classical guitar, built completely by hand under Michael Gurian's guidance in 1972. Joe went on to build a number of nylon-string instruments in the following years, and the new series of Veillette Nylon-strings draws on this foundation of traditional classical guitar making, combined the innovative design elements and construction techniques that have defined the new line of Veillette Acoustics.

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With a traditionally fan-braced top, the Nylon Acoustic responds with a full, thick, and warm sound that responds beautifully to delicate playing, and opens up with a more robust attack without losing clarity or definition. Ideal for bossa nova, jazz, and crossover styles where a clear and warm nylon tone is called for.

A D-Tar Wavelength pickup/preamp system faithfully amplifies the beautiful native tone of the Nylon Acoustic, for painless live performance and recording. Our long experience maximizing the response and tone of piezo systems makes this one of the most satisfying and authentic-sounding "plugged-in" Nylon-strings anywhere — all without the concerns about microphone placement, feedback, or even having to play sitting down.

Like all Veillette acoustics, the Nylon Acoustics feature our signature offset "moon" soundholes and single-bolt neck joint, setting it apart sonically and visually, and allowing easy, quick maintenance and adjustment.

Available in 6-string and 7-string versions, as well as baritone configurations, the Veillette Nylon-string series of instruments can meet the need of any adventurous nylon-string guitarist looking for a gorgeous tone and unique style, combined with all the best elements of a fine handmade instrument.

Also available in cutaway, non-cutaway and symmetrical oval-hole body styles

Colors, Woods, and Options.

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