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Acoustic Terz
6-string and Unison 12 (aka Terzilla!)
The Veillette Terz 12 is a powerful and intriguing hybrid of many different concepts. Tuned up to the player's choice of G or A, and strung with unison pairs, the Terz 12 blends the full, wide sound of a 12-string guitar with the clean shimmer of a mandolin or bouzouki.

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The name comes from the classical "Terz" (Italian for "Third"), an instrument designed to be tuned up a third from a standard guitar. These shorter-scale classical instruments were designed to accompany and extend the range of standard-tuned guitars in ensemble playing.

The 13.5" wide lower bout and 3-7/8" thickness strike the perfect balance of compact comfort and acoustic volume. Nicknamed "Terzilla" in the shop, this little beast is shockingly loud for its modest size.

The sound of the higher tuning and shorter scale (22") is powerful and complex - bursting with harmonics and 'cut', and perfect for layering over other guitars, doubling, or accompanying singers or instruments with a naturally higher range. With its fast, tight, and defined lower register and thick natural chorus, the Terz 12 also excels for solo fingerstyle playing, particularly for the adventurous guitarist seeking something beyond just another standard 6-string.

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