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Aero Electric

The Aero Electric is easy to play, great sounding, and very light. The radiused top provides comfort and ease of movement for the player's arm and generous and comfortable width at the nut makes it easy to play. The extensive chambering sounds great and makes for a light weight, under 7 pounds, making it comfortable for extended shows and sessions.

Video Review by Tim Pierce

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The 6 string version is articulate and very lively, enhancing clean and distorted tones and standing out in a mix.

The Aero Electric really benefits from our True 12 approach. We have been building 12 string electric guitars for a long time and have made many refinements over the years. The shorter scale length of 24.1", the compensated zero fret, and the string gauges we use all contribute to the clear ringing tone that stays in tune all the way up the neck.

There is a special link above the video playlist that goes to a video review by studio legend Tim Pierce of his Aero Electric 12 String.

This design sounds great with other tunings. The Gryphon version of the design adds a unique character our popular high D-D tuning. Other tunings like Baritone, Terz, and Merlin will all benefit from the Aero Electric design.

The Aero Electric is available in multiple scale lengths and tunings in steel-string as well as nylon string configurations.

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