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Veillette Swift Electric Nylon-string
Standard & Baritone tunings Our Nylon-string guitars address one of the biggest challenges in live performance — how to get a high quality, responsive amplified sound from a nylon-string guitar. Feedback, body and fret noise, and reduced freedom of movement are usually facts of life for nylon-string players.
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Our Swift Electric Nylon-string guitar resolves these issues, applying the same approach as our steel-string instruments, with some specifically nylon-string detailing.

To suit different player preferences, the Swift Nylon is available with two different neck styles. The traditional "Classical" style neck has a flat fingerboard with 2" & 1/16"nut, making it immediately comfortable for the seasoned nylon-string player.

The "electric" style neck offers a radiused fingerboard and 1.75" nut, offering electric and steel-string players the same gorgeous nylon-string tone with a more familiar neck profile.

Feedback and extraneous noise are things of the past. Even high-volume performance situations, such as Latin bands, large auditoriums, and other demanding situations are no problem — a full-range, natural-sounding nylon-string sound can be had at any level.

The Swift Baritone Nylon-string electric takes these elements to a new level, with a rich low range that is tight, strong, and clean sounding, with a 'bounce' that blends perfectly with the clear and singing upper register. Solo guitarists benefit from the added depth and warmth, and bass lines in the lower range sound big, round, and distinct. The 26.1" scale and custom strings on this model guarantee strong, defined bass notes, warm and well-defined trebles, and excellent tension.

Available in 6-string and 7-string. Many custom configurations available — call us or see our Custom page for more possibilities!!

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