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Veillette Electric Terz
Tenor (A-A) 6-string and Unison 12-string

Tuned a perfect fourth higher than a standard guitar in the tenor guitar range, Veillette Terz electrics strike the perfect balance between high-tuned shimmer and full-range punch. Incredibly useful as a "color" instrument to add character and sweetness to a track, the Terz electric also delivers a powerful, juicy rhythm tone.

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Designed to open new sonic possibilities, the Terz electric.s high-A tuning bursts with overtones and character — inspiring as a clean tone, and incredibly vibrant and responsive with overdrive. The Terz electric guitars are a powerful tool for the creative studio or performing guitarist.

As a 6-string, the Veillette Terz electrics extend and expand the electric guitar's range, giving the player a fresh new voice in a different register — incredible for lead guitarists needing to mix effectively with a rhythm player. The Terz electric 12-string takes the same range and doubles each string in unison, adding a natural chorusing effect that thickens the high-tuned tone and adds tremendous cutting power.

The Journeyman electric Terz's flat top, piezo pickup and pinless wooden bridge give it looks and feel to perfectly match its acoustic-like tone. Natural, full-range, and organic sounding, the Journeyman Terz has all the punch and power of our Acoustic "Terzilla", in a virtually feedback-proof and travel-ready format. Our proprietary neck tilt mechanism unites the best aspects of acoustic and electric bridges, offering the tone of a fixed wooden bridge with the adjustability of a metal system.

The Swift electric Terz is armed with dual magnetic pickups and simple-yet-versatile controls. The Swift body's radiused face reduces weight and increases player comfort, allowing the right arm to follow the top's natural slope. Inspiring when played clean, and explosive when overdriven, the Swift Terz opens new sonic territories to the electric player.

Available in 6-string and 12-string. Many custom configurations available — call us or see our Custom guitars page for more possibilities!

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