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Flyer Nylon-string

The Flyer Nylon is a distinctive approach to the performing guitar. Designed to answer the needs of performing nylon-string guitarists, the smaller-bodied Flyer Nylon offers a level of comfort, feedback resistance, and road-ready construction that outperforms most classical designs.
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Combining a traditional approach to back and side construction with the innovation of a radiused Spruce top and floating bridge, the Flyer Nylon's construction results in a beautifully authentic, fast transient response and natural decay that closely mimic a fine classical guitar, without the size or fragility.

Intended primarily for great amplified sound and playability, the Flyer Nylon also has real utility as an acoustic for quieter applications such as practicing, writing, or close-microphone recording.

Available in 6-string, standard-tuned or baritone.

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