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Let us help put a great guitar in your hands, be it a custom design or one of our in-stock beauties. Call Joe or Ande at 845-679-6154 or email to talk or to schedule a visit to our Woodstock, New York Custom Shop.     You can also check with one of our exclusive dealers.

Special Orders

Here at Veillette, we have a long history of building highly specialized, custom-designed instruments to suit some very specific needs. Our experience with alternate tunings, scale lengths, body shapes, and construction techniques has given us insight into how to create some truly unique, one-of-a-kind guitars and basses.

Thanks to our small shop environment and flexible building methods, we offer a level of customization that most builders cannot accommodate. We work very closely with each client on every detail of the instrument, from neck shape and contact points to control layout, materials and component selection, and most importantly, the desired tone and response.

Whether it's an acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, or even something unclassifiable — we can turn almost any instrument concept into an inspiring reality.

Special Order Acoustic Guitars
Special Order Electric Guitars
Special Order Bass Guitars

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