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Let us help put a great guitar in your hands, be it a custom design or one of our in-stock beauties. Call Joe or Ande at 845-679-6154 or email to talk or to schedule a visit to our Woodstock, New York Custom Shop.     You can also check with one of our exclusive dealers.

Veillette Electric Guitar Models

Conceived and created to be comfortable, durable, and practical tools, Veillette Electrics are available in a variety of useful and unique configurations.

The Journeyman solid body semi-acoustic is the latest version of our longest-standing model. The radius top, piezo pickup and wood bridge and tailpiece give the Journeyman a look and feel to perfectly match its acoustic-like tone. Natural, full-range, and organic sounding, the Journeyman has all the punch and power of a fine acoustic guitar, in a travel-ready and virtually feedback-proof design. Our proprietary neck tilt mechanism unites the best aspects of acoustic and electric bridges, offering the tone of a fixed wooden bridge with the adjustability of a metal system.

The Swift electric is Veillette's interpretation of the classic electric guitar. Dual magnetic pickups and simple-yet-versatile controls let the player easily call up tones ranging from sweet to powerful. The Swift body.s radiused face reduces mass and increases player comfort, allowing the right arm to follow the top's natural slope. The Swift is also available as an Archtop with a carved face for a more traditional look. Lightweight, sleek, and versatile, the Veillette Swift brings modern and innovative updates to the classic electric guitar.

Many custom configurations are also available — call us or see our Custom page for more possibilities!

Journeyman Merlin
High Octave (E-E) 6 & Unison 12
Swift Gryphon
High (D-D) 6 & Unison 12
Swift Terz
Tenor (A-A) 6 & Unison 12
Swift Standard-tuned
6 & 12-string
Swift Baritone
6 & 12-string
6 & 12 string
Gryphon, Standard-tuned, and Baritone

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