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Is That a Travel Guitar?
March 20, 2018

I guess we're making progress here. Every year a few less people ask me if one of our alternate scale instruments is a travel guitar.


Some folks can't conceive of anyone wanting a guitar that’s not tuned standard E-to-E, which is all they've ever seen. I’ve found that a good way to explain what we're doing is to ask if they consider a violin a travel viola. Or if a cello serves as a more portable stand-up bass.


This is not to say that one of our 22” scale Terz guitars tuned up 5 frets A-to-A, or an 18” scale D-to-D  Gryphon isn’t quite portable. Nor does it mean that our baritone guitars designed with longer scales might be a bit less easy to move around because of their size. I can truly say that no one's ever asked if one of our long scale baritones was designed to be a “don’t travel guitar”.


I can also say that it’s been a lot of fun coming up with different tonalities for our instruments that seem to open up lots of possibilities for getting creative juices flowing and playing with other instruments.