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Veillette Mandolins
Made with the same care and attention we build into our guitar line, Veillette electric mandolins are designed to deliver rich, responsive acoustic sound, rugged dependability, and a beautiful, unique style.

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For players who need total feedback resistance and a rock-solid, touring-friendly stage instrument, Swift solidbody and chambered electric mandolins are the perfect solution. With a beautiful and very authentic acoustic tone, the slimline Swift electric mandolin amplifies to very high volumes without feedback, and responds just like a fine acoustic instrument.

Swift electric mandolins feature classic Veillette design elements, including the single-bolt neck joint which allows quick, easy, and effective adjustment of neck angle and action. The D-Tar pickup/preamp system and simple controls are easy, intuitive, and incredibly high-fidelity — on recordings or through a PA, these instruments are tonally indistinguishable from a well-made acoustic mandolin.

With many options available, Veillette electric mandolins are designed to effectively address the needs of any amplified mandolinist. Custom tuning ranges, string configurations, and other "special" features are available upon request.

Colors, Woods, and Options.

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