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Let us help put a great guitar in your hands, be it a custom design or one of our in-stock beauties. Call Joe or Ande at 845-679-6154 or email to talk or to schedule a visit to our Woodstock, New York Custom Shop.     You can also check with one of our exclusive dealers.

Instruments Available

While most Veillette instruments are built to custom order, we try to maintain a limited stock. These are available immediately.

Contact Joe or Ande and let us help put a great instrument in your hands today!

    Fabulous Oval-hole Standard 12 string No.590

This 12 is a one-of-a kind, beautifully resonant standard-tuned 12. Sitka top, Mahogany back,sides and neck. Plays like a dream with a 24.1" scale length. Weight is 5lb,1oz, 15" wide at the lower bout.

$4200    Contact us

    #944 Merlin - Gorgeous Full Octave Higher Mandoli-

This quilted maple-bodied Merlin is loud and sweet. Tuned an octave above standard tuning. This model has become a real favorite for studio players, working musicians, and anyone looking for a real alternative to mandolins without the learning curve or the tight fingerboard spacing..

Sitka Spruce top,quilt back & sides,Mahogany neck.. Pau Ferro bridge & tailpiece, Hipshot lightweight tuners and a 16-1/8 scale length.

$4225    Contact us

    #653 Paris 4-string Gorgeous Walnut

A prime example of our Paris blended mag/piezo fretless. The combination of a Citron electric pickup with a DTAR blended piezo and chambering makes it a killer bass. Height-adjustable bridge. Poplar body with a with a figured walnut top, lined fretless pau ferro fingerboard. Scale length is 34", weight is 7lb 15oz

$4230    Contact us

    #1073 Singlecut 5 V2 for 2015

Singlecut 5-string - the veillette Atelier take on the classic bass platform!

Great playing, huge-sounding, this Singlecut 5-string is the newest version of our classic 5-string electric bass. Lightly chambered, with 2 Citron pickups and an Aguilar OPB-2 preamp, fully height-adjustable, intonatable Hipshot bridge. The poplar body is capped with a figured maple top, pau ferro fingerboard. Scale length 34" Weight 8 lb

$3385    Contact us

    #881 6/12 Doubleneck

A trade-inbuilt in January 2013. It's a big sounding standard 6/standard 12 doubleneck. The top burst is "bourbon color fading into cherry red". One of our best!

$4450    Contact us

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