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Acoustic Doubleneck

The lesson we've learned from our Gryphon, Terz, and electric doubleneck is that you never know how useful, playable, and inspiring a "strange" guitar can be — until it's in your hands.
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The Acoustic Doubleneck proves this yet again... after the initial surprise and moment of adjustment, this guitar just begs to be played and explored.

The tone is vibrant and complex — very 'vocal' and responsive midrange, and a big, open bass response. Likely combinations of necks are a Standard-tuned 6-string & Gryphon 12, a 6-string & 12-string, and a Terz & Baritone... but the sky's the limit, and any combination is possible.

The huge range of textures, tones, and possibilities make the Doubleneck incredibly intriguing. The shared soundboard allows for maximum interaction and sympathetic vibrations between the two necks, which adds another beautiful dimension to the spectrum of this guitar's abilities — drone strings and harmonics come alive, even with simple playing, and envelop both player and listener with unexpected and beautiful resonances, reverberations, and harmonics. A pair of pickups (one for each neck) merge into a single preamp, for "plugged" performance that comes as close as possible to a microphone, and captures all the nuance and complexity of this truly special instrument.

The open headpieces with ultralight Gotoh "Stealth" tuners look beautiful and minimize weight, allowing this lovely instrument to balance quite well, whether sitting or standing, all while looking very clean, modern, and appealing.

Available in almost any configuration of necks and tunings. Please contact us to discuss custom options!

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