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Our most refined electric bass instrument, the Archtop Bass embodies our concept of the ultimate in class and distinctive design. With the style and sophistication of a fine cello, and the ruggedness and feedback resistance of our Paris acoustic-electrics, the Archtop is truly a compelling blend of classic and modern.
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The gracefully carved solid Spruce top, large body chamber, and soundhole maximize the "acoustic" tone, look and feel of these elegant instruments, which are beautifully suited to jazz players, acoustic music, and intimate ensemble playing.

The undersaddle piezo pickup, blending smoothly with the Citron magnetic pickup, covers all the territory from straight-ahead electric tones to crisp, acoustic-like sounds (and upright-like fretless tones), and every flavor in-between.

A 24-fret neck and deep treble-side cutaway give the player full access to two-octaves of range, and the rock-solid construction and stability of all our instruments makes for worry-free travel and gigging, without ever sacrificing the rich tone and vibe of a truly top-shelf instrument.

Available with 4, 5, and 6 strings, fretted or fretless.

Colors, Woods, and Options.

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