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Among our most popular custom instruments, the Minotaur is our take on the short-scale bass. This is not simply a short-scale Paris — it was designed from scratch specifically as a short-scale instrument, and the results of that careful design process can be felt and heard immediately.
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The Minotaur's small size, light weight, and understated appearance conceal a sound that is rich, deep, and complex. The nylon strings and piezo bridge pickup yield a strong, fast attack and wide dynamic range, while the 30" scale and low string tension make the Minotaur unusually easy to play. The scale and smaller body also make the Minotaur a natural choice for players who are uncomfortable with typical full-scale basses.

Available in piezo-only or piezo/magnetic configurations, the Minotaur's tones can range from classic '60s-style short-scale tones to modern clarity, as well as startlingly realistic acoustic flavors, all with the natural warmth and bounce of the shorter scale.

With all the lively midrange growl of a fine classical guitar's bass strings, a huge natural low-end, and effortless playability, the Minotaur Nylon-string bass lives up to its namesake — it's a very different kind of animal!

Available in 4-string or "High-5" configurations (EADGC tuning).

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