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Our flagship Paris model neatly bridges the gap between the conventional electric bass and the classic acoustic upright. Visually, tonally, and ergonomically, the Paris combines the best elements of both instruments, resulting in a bass that can fill the roles of both, as well as creating new and unique sounds.

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The gorgeous, woody tone of our unique chambered, piezo-powered design gives electric bassists new dimensions of texture and feel, and our powerful and intuitive electronics system allows tremendous variety without excessive knobs and switches.

The Paris features the same gracefully curved top as our Swift guitars, which thins the edges of the body for greater comfort and reduced weight. Our signature wooden bridge keeps the undersaddle piezo pickup in direct contact with wood at all times, maximizing the natural 'acoustic' response of these basses. The unique 'dovetail' bridge/tailpiece also couples directly with the body wood, solidly anchoring the strings and transferring vibration to and from the body with no interruptions or impediments.

From Bass Player Magazine's July 2009 review:

“a wonderfully warm attack and delightfully long decay.Each note's dynamic bloom had me slowing down to savor the smoky flavor. Tweaking the lone tone knob produced a surprising variety of tonal nuance. Playing up high, blending a bit of the piezo pickup with the magnetic Citron gave notes a pleasant, airy finish... gracefully blends form and function.”

Available in 4, 5, 6, and 7 strings with a wide range of options, the Paris bass is a truly unique and useful tool for bassists who need a rugged, beautiful, and flexible instrument.

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