Veillette Guitars handcrafted in Woodstock, NY

Moon Hole Acoustic Guitar Models

Ever since Joe Veillette's first acoustic guitar, built under the guidance of Michael Gurian in 1972, we've maintained a constant curiosity and need to experiment. The current range of Veillette Acoustic instruments is the result of our combined experience as players and builders, along with our desire to create simple, functional, innovative musical tools.

Handmade with traditional techniques, Veillette acoustics are built with very careful attention to detail, inside and out. Joe's background in architecture informs structural and visual decisions that give Veillette acoustics the tone and performance to match their beautiful and unmistakably unique style. Hand-carved bracing and individual attention to each top allow us to shape each instrument's voice to work best with the customer's desired tuning, scale length, or musical needs.

A full line of different string configurations, scales, tunings and body sizes offers many different avenues for creative exploration. From our simplest models to our most extreme custom creations, Veillette Acoustic guitars are designed to give the player an easy, effortless path from creative inspiration to performance.

Available in a wide variety of scales, tunings, and string configurations.

Grand 16"
High-D 6 & 12-string
Tenor 6 & 12-string
High-tuned E-to-E
Parlor 14"
Standard-tuned 6 & 12-string
Studio 15"
Standard-tuned 6 & 12-string
Grand 16"
6 & 7-string, and Baritone
6 & 12-string
Bass 17"
4 & 5-string

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