Veillette Guitars handcrafted in Woodstock, NY

Onboard Tri-Color tuner option

Veillette Guitars is now offering a new onboard tuner option, which is unique for its ease of use and low profile. A single LED light provides total functionality, with flashing blue for flat, flashing red for sharp, and solid green for in tune. The speed of the flashing light also indicates how close a note is to in tune. The three color LED bulb is also adjustable for brightness, from a low glow to extremely bright (great for bright, sunny outdoor gigs).

This extremely accurate tuner is fully chromatic, and works across a wide range of tunings, from low bass notes to the highest notes of a Gryphon. It is activated with a push-pull switch on the tone switches to hit accidentally!

The tri-color tuner is available on all acoustic/electric and D-Tar equipped acoustic instruments.