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  • Veillette Avante Gryphon by sam Wise, Acoustic Magazine, January 2016.
    We couldn't put the Gryphon down, and when we did, we were soon picking it up again. It's a fascinating instrument, easy to play, yet challenging and intriguing.
  • Avante Gryphon 12-string by Art Thompson, Guitar Player Magazine, June 2015.
    Despite its compact dimensions the Gryphon Avante 12 delivers a robust acoustic sound and has no problem being heard alongside full-sized flat-tops.
  • Avante Gryphon Review by Joe Gore, Premier Guitar Magazine, March 2015.
    The most beguiling facet of the Gryphon's tone is its glistening, bell-like high end. I can't think of a better way to powder a track with magic fairy dust.
  • Game Changer? by Pete Prown, Vintage Guitar Magazine, March 2015.
    In this day and age when young guitarists are constantly reinventing the instrument, it's easy to see how the Gryphon might be a tool of sonic evolution.
  • Avante Gryphon by Adam Perlmutter, Acoustic Guitar Magazine, January 2015.
    Until recently a new Gryphon cost more than $4,000, but now Veillette offers a Korean-made version at less than half that price.