Veillette Guitars handcrafted in Woodstock, NY


Joe Veillette unleashes the magical energy of wood
Text by Michael Eck, Photos by Thomas D. Lindsay, The Fretboard Journal, Winter 2010

It's a Saturday morning in October, the air still crisp before giving way to autumn sun. I walk into the Bearsville theater, notebook in hand, and, almost immediately, Joe Veillette hands me a guitar — a spiffy, new six-string Studio 15" cutaway. I assume he needs me to find some spare real estate on his crowded table at the Woodstock Invitational Luthiers Showcase, but now; instead, I'm informed that, in 20 minutes, I'll be playing lead alongside Veillette as part of an impromptu trio.

Pen down, pick in hand — what better way to really find out what Veillette's guitars are made of then to be thrown, unwittingly, into the cauldron of performance?

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