Veillette Guitars handcrafted in Woodstock, NY

Veillette Electric Guitars

We have a long history of innovation with electric instruments from our Baritone 12 string to our high tuned Gryphon model. Our focus has been on highly resonant, comfortable, responsive guitars for recording and performance.

Our Hollowbody Electric has radiused top that is specially built and braced for a clear and balanced sound.

Sleek, compact, and classy, the Lyric is the perfect choice for jazz, blues, R&B, with vintage-inspired hollowbody vibe and modern player-friendly features and reliability.

Aero Electric
Semi-hollow body, magnetic pickups, and a rich, resonant tone. The radiused top provides for smooth, comfortable playing.

Available in multiple scale lengths and tunings in both steel-string and nylon string configurations.

Aero Thinline
An electric guitar with an acoustic appearance and very natural sounding piezo pickup system. Construction is unique - the bridge/top connection and mechanics are exactly those of a standard-built acoustic instrument but with the "floating" responsive area of the spruce top greatly reduced. The result is a very "woody" acoustic tone without feedback in performance.

Available in multiple scale lengths and tunings in both steel-string and nylon-string configurations.

The Swift electric is our solid-body electric guitar. Available in all the diverse tonalities that people identify with Veillette. The radiused face makes for very comfortable playing, by allowing the arm to follow the top's natural slope.

Lightweight, sleek, and versatile, the Veillette Swift brings modern and innovative updates to the classic electric guitar.

Available in steel-string and nylon string configurations.

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