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Aero Electric/Acoustic Models

Flyer Acoustic/Electric Models

Defining a new middle ground between Acoustic tone and Electric comfort and size, the Aero Electric/Acoustic and Flyer Acoustic/Electric series were designed to be 2 very different solutions to the challenges of gigging, traveling and performing where the tone and responsiveness of a standard acoustic guitar are required.

The Aero's construction is unique in that the bridge/top connection and mechanics are exactly those of a standard-built acoustic instrument with one notable exception. The "floating" responsive area of the spruce top is greatly reduced, resulting in real acoustic tone reproduced through the pickup system with no danger of feedback.

The Flyer's construction is designed more as an acoustic with a compact shape and radiused top that results in a more muted archtop-like sound that fits well with more bluesy or jazz-inspired work. The compact size and mildly muted volume level reduce the risk of feedback while still functioning as an acoustic guitar.

The Flyer's curved or "radiused" top arcs across the width of the guitar. This unique geometry adds strength and stability, and also invites the right arm to lie comfortably across a soft, sloping surface — instead of the usual hard 90-degree corner.

The Aero and Flyer Models are both available in steel-string and nylon-string configurations.

Aero Steel-string
Flyer Steel-string
Flyer Elan
Flyer Nylon-string
Flyer Bass
Flyer Doubleneck

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