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Elan Acoustic

The idea for the Elan originally came from a collaboration with one of our dealers, David Butler, for a different shaped instrument tuned a step higher than our Terz at B-B, an octave above typical Baritone tuning.

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The shape and soundholes are different from our other more familiar "moon hole" acoustics. The design, bracing, and construction provide the same great sound and easy playability.

For the initial instruments we built, we optimize the scale length at 20.25" for the high B tuning and it made for a sweet sound that really shimmers as a twelve string and is very punchy as a 6 string, The Elan is also available in High A (Terz) tuning.

When using the High B tuning, the Elan is a great layering instrument whether with standard tuned instruments or especially with baritone B-B instruments. Players like Vince Gill and Al DiMieola use these for writing, recording, and performing.

The Elan is a different look with a familiar feel that makes for a great guitar.

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