Veillette Guitars handcrafted in Woodstock, NY

Veillette Acoustic Guitars

Beginning with the first Veillette acoustic guitar, built under the guidance of Michael Gurian in 1972, there's been constant experimentation and exploration. The goal has always been to build simple, functional, innovative musical tools.

Veillette acoustics are built with careful attention to detail, inside and out. An architectural background informs structural and visual choices that give our acoustics the tone and utility that complement the unmistakably unique style.

Moon Hole
The mainstay of the Veillette acoustic series with our distinctive dual "moon" sound holes or optional center oval hole.

Hand-carved bracing and individual attention to each top allow us to shape each instrument's voice to work best with the customer's desired tuning, scale length, or musical needs.

A full line of different string configurations, scales, tunings and body sizes offers many different avenues for creative exploration. From our simplest models to our extreme custom creations, Veillette Acoustic guitars are designed to give the player an easy, effortless path from creative inspiration to performance.

The Elan is our newest style acoustic which varies from our "moon hole" style in body shape and soundholes but with the same approach to bracing and construction. It was originally designed and built for High B tuning a full octave above our Baritone models.

Flyer Radius Top
Re-defining the middle ground between Acoustic tone and Electric comfort and size, the Flyer Acoustic/Electric series is a very different solution to the challenges of gigging, traveling and performing.

An acoustic with a compact shape, The Flyer's curved or radiused top arcs across the width of the guitar. This unique geometry adds strength and stability, and provides a comfortable surface for the player's arm.

The radiused top and slightly shallower body produce a lightly muted archtop-like sound that fits beautifully with more bluesy or jazz-inspired work as opposed to a more traditional guitar.

The Flyer Model is available in steel-string and nylon-string configurations.

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