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Doubleneck Electric

Embodying every possible improvement we could think of, the Veillette doubleneck electric guitars are the result of a long and careful process of prototyping and revising. The fruit of this labor is the lightest, best-balanced, and most playable doubleneck we've ever seen.

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The neck geometry is unique and specific to these instruments. Each neck is 'rotated' along its axis, putting the two fingerboards in two different planes. This allows the necks to be positioned more closely together, for a smaller body and more comfortable neck extensions, without any loss of access. It also means that the full range of both fingerboards is within easy reach without any uncomfortable stretching or reaching.

Our electronics are also designed for maximum access with minimal discomfort. Since each Doubleneck guitar is custom-made, we design each electronics package to suit the switching and control preferences of each player. Many specialized Doubleneck wiring schemes are available.

A radiused top and careful chambering keep the body slim and sleek. The result is a really comfortable instrument that's a joy to play.

Light weight truss rods and tuners are part of the solution to improve the balance equation to the point where this guitar balances better than many single-neck guitars — honestly! All in a package that weighs less than 10 lbs! If you've ever thought a doubleneck was too heavy, too cumbersome, or just not practical — think again.

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