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Flyer Bass

Inspired by the same design goals as the Flyer guitars, the Flyer Bass seeks to strike a new balance between the acoustic and electric worlds, in a comfortable and practical instrument that appeals to both.
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Built with bent sides and a floating top and back, the Flyer bass delivers a truly acoustic tone, feel, and response. The custom wooden bridge and tailpiece further contribute to the organic tone and vibe.

The Flyer Bass' braced Sitka Spruce top is radiused across the face of the bass, adding strength and improving right arm comfort. With its 14" body width, 3.25" body depth, and full 34" scale, the Flyer Bass feels familiar and approachable.

The strength of the radiused top, combined with the ultra-rigid side construction, gives the Flyer Bass a clean and well-defined attack that is often lacking from large acoustic bass guitars. Notes start quickly and precisely, and remain clear and distinct even when played quickly. Compared to the "spongy" and "slow" feel and response common to many acoustic basses, the Flyer has speed and punch.

A high-fidelity 18v active piezo system gives the Flyer a tremendous, full-range amplified tone that rivals the best acoustic basses — responsive, sensitive, and natural-sounding, with an incredibly authentic "acoustic" personality. Unplugged, the Flyer Bass is great for practice or intimate settings.

At just under 5 lbs., the Flyer is also 30-50% lighter than most electric basses — comfortable and inviting for long sets, and an ideal companion for travel.

Perfect for every setting from the living room to the stage, the Flyer Bass redefines the Electric-Acoustic bass guitar, in a fresh, original, and compelling new style.

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