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Veillette Guitars Spring 2020 Newsletter

We hope this newsletter finds you well. Things have sure changed lately. NAMM seems like years ago. We've all been affected by the coronavirus, some much more than others. We hope you're finding some joy in music.

If you're in a position to buy an instrument, we updated our Pricelists and given everything that is going on you will find reductions across the board.

We have some new and demo instruments Available Now for sale.

Stay safe and we will get through this!

A little something by Neal Schon from Easter weekend on his Veillette Doubleneck 12 string Gryphon/6 string Guitar:

Neal Schon - Star Spangled Banner


Last January's NAMM in Anaheim was great. At the ESP (our Avante distributor) suite again, we introduced lots of folks to the Avante Gryphons and showed a handful of instruments from the Woodstock USA shop. It's always a treat hear what folks play when presented with an unexpected tonality.

To find where you can buy an Avante check out the expanded dealer list.

Ande and Joe

The Aero Electric True 12 (Standard-Tuned) from the Woodstock shop was a big hit. The slightly shorter 24.1" scale and compensated zero-fret makes for an amazingly easy to play, 12-string with huge, chimey tone.

Just before NAMM our good friend Tim Pierce posted this wonderful video about the Aero Electric 12 string.

We've always appreciated Tim's support. Check out his web site.

A new wrinkle - our first Aero Electric Gryphon 12 string. The Gryphon is one of our most popular tonal configurations for acoustic or electric models, and this Aero Electric added another great take on the platform.

We've made Aero Thinline instruments for Dave Matthews (2 Baritone 12 strings) and Colin Hay (Standard tuned 6 string) and others. We brought Gryphon and Merlin versions to NAMM which got great reactions with the look and sound of an acoustic instrument in a compact, rugged, feedback proof package. The Aero Merlin Thinline is a full octave above a standard tuned guitar. It's a great sounding, fun mandolin substitute instrument that.s easy to play for layering or solo playing.

Recent Special Builds

It's no surprise that we love a challenge. This one was fun - an Acoustic Bass/Nylon String 6 string doubleneck guitar. A challenging project, but the result made for a very happy customer.
Flame Maple Top, Mahogany Back and sides, Mahogany necks with custom inlay, with Richard Ferguson, the happy customer who came to the shop to pick it up.

We received a lot of interest in acoustic basses lately. Here's a new fretted Brazilian Rosewood 5-string:

High Tuned 5 string (E-C), Brazilian rosewood back and sides, Sitka spruce top, flame maple bevel, mahogany neck, 32. scale, looks and sounds great, it can be found at Ish Guitars, our terrific dealer in Syracuse, NY

Speaking of Brazilian rosewood, here is a standard-tuned 16" Grand Acoustic guitar we just delivered last month.

Brazilian Rosewood back and sides, Sitka spruce top, flame maple bevel, mahogany neck. A very nice guitar.

What's New

The Flyer is a unique acoustic model with its curved top, thin body, and traditional blues/jazz vibe. We debuted our new acoustic style pinless bridge on this Flyer 13. It's got a 13" lower bout, as opposed to the Flyer 14 standard which is 14". Great sound in a more streamlined package, and easier string changes with an aggressive, punchy tone.

Below is a just-completed Flyer 4 string Bass. The new pin-less acoustic bridge provides lots of contact with the top for a punchy sound.

We have some unusual instruments under construction now, including our first nylon string acoustic Terz 6. Another is our first Aero Thinline Nylon, this one with a radius top. With oval soundhole and nylon strings we're expecting some real Bossa Nova energy.

Deals and what's available now

We have a number of instruments for sale including recent builds, demos, and trade ins. If you see something that interests you, contact us. Email us at or call at 845-679-6154.

Here are some instruments that are Available Now on our website. Please check out the videos.

We have 3 Avante Gryphon demos available. There are some minor wear and blemishes, but they play and sound great. Mahogany back and sides, Sitka spruce top, Mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard. Piezo and Preamp system.

P748 Avante Gryphon Demo Natural 12 String - $925

P810 Avante Gryphon Demo Black 12 String with Rosewood binding - $925

P857 Avante Gryphon Demo Natural 6 String - $925

1109 Terz 12 String — rich, sparkling sound from this Terz with a Quilt Maple back and sides and Sitka spruce top. Mahogany neck and ebony fingerboard. 22" scale. DTAR Piezo/Preamp system - $3,400

1113 Flyer 13 with new bridge design — thin body radius-top acoustic. Mahogany back and sides, Sitka spruce top. Mahogany neck with a Pau Ferro fingerboard. DTAR Piezo/Preamp system - $3,285

1021 Paris 5 string lined fretless Bass — the latest evolution of the Paris bass this has a poplar body and a nice figured maple top with a mahogany neck and a lined fretless Pau Ferro fingerboard. The bass has a Citron magnetic pickup and piezo saddles in the Hipshot bridge - $3,850

1089 Swift Standard tuned 12 string — flamed maple top on a poplar body. Maple neck and ebony fingerboard - $2,450

1081 Prototype Aero Merlin Thinline — Tuned a full octave above standard tuning. Poplar body and Sitka spruce top, Mahogany neck and ebony fingerboard. DTAR Piezo/Preamp system - $2,200

590 Fabulous sounding and playing Studio 12 string with 15" lower bout. Mahogany back, sides, and neck. Pau Ferro fingerboard and bridge. DTAR Piezo/Preamp system - $3,085

1015 Swift Standard tuned 12 string — flame/burl maple top on a poplar body. Mahogany neck and ebony fingerboard - $2,750

Give us a call at 845-679-6154 or send us an email at to talk about what you would like to have us build or to find out more about the guitars that are available now.

Until next time,
The Veillette team — Ande, Jimmy, Rod, and Joe

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